Eli Deeth Blog 2


Week 3

This week my task i had was to try and complete a wolfenstein style game. there were a lot of elements that needed to be completed so i tried to complete as many as possible.

Making this game was fun yet confusing (although i haven’t completed the game yet). A lot of the elements needed to complete the brief were simple yet i still needed to invest some time researching how to do certain things.

This week i focused on doors and UI as i had done similar things last week. To Complete the door i used a trigger that would detect when the player would enter. Then i would move the game object to the side. I also used ontriggerexit to detect when you would move past the door so it would shut behind you.

PosD = GameObjectDoor.transform.position.z;

PosStart = PosD;
PosEnd = PosStart – 5;

if (PosD <= PosEnd)
stop = true;

if (stop == false)

var move = new Vector3(0, 0, -1);
GameObjectDoor.transform.position += move * speed * Time.deltaTime;

The code above shows how the door opens.

The next thing i worked on was trying to add in ui that displayed how much hp you have using a slider.

The UI was very simple and displaying the numbers was very difficult. Due to lack of knowledge and because i couldn’t find information on the web i wasn’t able to complete a health slider this week although i should have it completed by next week.

Although i had planned to also add weapons this week due to family issues i lost a lot of time and wasn’t able to complete anything else. Although i am enjoying this game and want to complete the rest by next week.

My plan for next week is to complete weapons/UI and enemies. weapons first. i am going to create 2 prefabs and a weapon spawn point and rotate between the two weapons with a single click i will use another button for the player to use his melee. next i am going to try and figure out sliders and finish that. For the UI i have planned to make two similar enemy types. One will use your first weapon and the other will use your second weapon. They will look different so the player can tell which enemy is which.

Due to family issues and a misunderstanding i thought this was due week 4 although after re-checking the brief i can now see that the game was due this week and although we have to complete another game for week four i still would like to complete this game.


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