Eli Deeth Blog 4


Week 5

This week i had to start working on a katamari-like game.

Making this game took a lot more research then any of the other games i was created so far and i was happy with the amount of work that i got completed although i did encounter two problems.

The work i added this week was a map, the ball rolling with the camera following and not spinning around the ball. The ball would collect objects it ran into and would only be able to pick up certain objects if it was a certain size. i added 2 hazards a static one which if the player collided with he/she would loss some mass and a moving hazard which isn’t complete. i also worked on a title screen and added the all the UI needed to make the HUD although i haven’t wired it up yet.

The two problems i did encounter were that the camera wouldn’t rotate as it was fixed to a position behind the player. The second problem was that the ball would sometimes slide if it picked up a big object with a flat surface.

The first thing i worked on was the map. This was in my opinion the most fun as it was really easy and was a nice way to make me start doing work for my project. It also taught me how to use textures which i haven’t used before as i usually use materials, although it wasn’t hard to do. After this i duplicated the plane and moved it over so i would have a large flat surface to do all my testing.

The second thing i worked on the ball. This was created on the same day i made my map and after doing a very easy part of the game i wanted to make the main element. The first thing i wanted my ball to do was roll, for this i just gave my ball Force and a rigidbody and it was rolling nicely. Next i wanted to add my camera to my ball although this made my camera go around the ball rapidly and wasn’t a good camera. Instead i made a camera controller that would keep my camera behind the player

public GameObject player;
private Vector3 offset;
void Start () {
offset = transform.position;
void LateUpdate ()
transform.position = player.transform.position + offset;

Although now my camera was stuck looking in one direction and couldn’t rotate this was my first issue. Because i didn’t want to waste time searching for a solution i moved onto the next part. The next part to work on was giving the ball growth. For this i made a game controller that would store the fake size and send out three numbers if the ball got to a certain size. 1 for small, 2 for large and 3 for very large. receiving this information were three scripts which would allow the player to collide with them if 1,2 or 3 were activated.

public class GameController : MonoBehaviour {

public static int size;

public static int send;

void Update () {

if (size >= 10)
send = 1;

if (size >= 50)
send = 2;

if (size >= 100)
send = 3;

public class SmallObject : MonoBehaviour {

void OnCollisionEnter()
if (GameController.send >= 1)

transform.parent = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag (“Player”).transform;
GameController.size += 5;

The third thing i worked on hazard. Two hazards were worked on this week a static that would just lower the size value and a moving hazzard which is still incomplete.

The last thing i worked on HUD and title. HUD is not completed only the UI has been made but no code and the title stays with the Katamari by just staying the name of the game and click to continue.

My plan for next week is to finish this project of asap so that i can fix any bugs in class and can work on my other assignments i have to work on.



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