Eli Deeth Blog 6


Week 7

This week I tried to finish my Katamari game, the only thing’s I didn’t get done was a third pick up, a mobile hazard and player feedback.

I was able to add a map with pickups and power ups for the player to interact with and some enemies for the player to dodge. More menus such as a pause screen and a game over screen, which would display valuable information and display if the player made it to the selected size, I went through and made sure my code was committed and finally added some music.

The first thing i worked on was creating the map and trying to make it balanced so that the player could get to the max size. I did this by adding a lot of small pickups and even some score power ups to boost the player in the right direction. The thing i loved about katamari was the fact that some areas weren’t accessible unless were big enough to pick up the objects. I tried to mimic that by adding large objects near the door to prevent the player from leaving the house unless they were big enough to pick up the objects.

The next thing i added was the two menus that i forgot to add until this week which was the pause screen and the game over screen. For the pause screen i used time.deltatime = 0 which isn’t anything special although i didn’t know that this code existed until i used it for this project. I can see this coming in handy for other projects that i will work on in the future. As for the game over screen, i displayed a restart button and the current score and high score. This screen was very easy to complete and didn’t really involve anything special if i could redo it i might add some art to make it look a bit better.

The next thing i added was just some background music.

Lastly i went through my code and made sure everything was committed this took a surprisingly long time as certain parts of my code wasn’t committed and other parts were committed with outdated information.

My plans for next week will be to work on my project for GAM112 as i don’t want that project to fall apart.


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