Eli Deeth Blog 7


Week 8

This week I worked on completing as much work for GAM112 so that i would have a lot more time to do my next project.

This week for GAM112 i worked on the menus for our game yuudai. I added Added a title screen, level select screen, pause screen a game over screen, high score screen. I also Started writing up an onWin, OnLose script.

The first thing i worked on was my title screen, level select screen, and pause screen. Our team didn’t really want to add menu art for this week so this week i was just focusing on making sure that the buttons worked and the screen were usable. For the level select screen we made it that if you selected the tutorial your game over screen which i worked on next didn’t display a score.

Next was a game over screen. This would display whenever the player would beat the game or lose. and depending on if you won or lost it would display different information. The information it could show was a score and high score for the current level. a next level, quit, or return to menu button. If you beat all of the levels a go to high score screen button. it would also display with words if you had won or lost.

The next day i started working on a High score board. This would display all the total scores that the player had received because i didn’t know how to sort the scores i made it so it would only display the scores although i plan on fixing this in the future.

The last thing i worked on was my lose and win scripts.

if the current level was 0(tutorial), it would not display any of the score information. although if the level was 1 or two it would first check if there was an existing score. if not it would add one. Other wise it would check if check if it’s lower and change the score.

if (CurrentLevel == 0)
Yuudai.SetActive (false);

if (CurrentLevel == 2)
if (level2HighScore == 0)
HighScore.text = gameController.score.ToString();
else if (level2HighScore < gameController.score)
HighScore.text = gameController.score.ToString();
else {HighScore.text = level2HighScore.ToString();}

My plans for next week will be to get started on my next project for this class.


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