Eli Deeth Blog 8


Week 9

This week i worked on my pet game. I created 6 different sprite faces that would change depending on which state the face was. certain faces would even get an extra 3 sprite animation play next to it. for example the eating face would have a three sprite animation play next to it of a burger being eaten.

The things i added to this game was 15 different sprites that would display. I finished half of its state machine. I made it so that changed certain values such as health it would have effects on the pet such as the pet dying.

The first thing i did was draw up all the different faces to do this i made a circle then copied it over 6 times so that the image wouldn’t move when you changed between the different images. After that i added the different emotions. Happy, sad, dead, sleeping, eating(mouth open), eating(mouth closed). Next i started working on the three different animation that could play. A burger getting eating. a bouncing ball and Z’s.

The Next thing i worked on was wiring up all of the states so that if the values were changes the player would go into different states causes the new face to appear. This wasn’t to hard as all of the framework was already created although using the state machine was a bit confusing, although it did get half completed.

Next week i will be Planning out my game in full detail.


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