Eli Deeth Blog 9


Week 10

Planning state machine, planning what my hud will look like, planning how my game will run

i did one of my diagrams wrong but i did fix it.

This week i worked on planning out my game. I drew up what i would like my hud to look like and how my game would run. I did most of this by drawing up some state machines.

During programming i learned about a program called Violet UML editor which really helped in making the state machines as it had all the information needed to create a nice looking state machine. It options include a Scenario start and end, a state box (which can hold a name), and events(which can hold a label)

Using the program above i created three state machines. A game play state machine, a planning state machine and finally a execute state machine.

The game play state machine controlled the flow of the game and had 6 states. A level introduction state which was called by the enter level state. A plan state while the player was in this state machine the planning state machine would run, this state would be called by the game start event. The next state would be the execute state while the player was in this state machine the execute state machine would run. To enter this state the planning state machine would have to finish. And if the execute state finished and nether the player died or enemy died event was called then it would go back into the plan state. The last two states was the win state and the lose state. Called if the player lost or won.

The Next state machine was the Planning state machine, It had 4 states and controller all the options the player could click while not in the execute state.

The last state i made was the Execute state. This state machine was very big and later changed to be smaller but started of with 11 states. but later corrected to 6 states.

The other thing i planned out was my Hud. I plan to have it show the three players down the bottom which you can select. I also want there to be a mini map that gets displayed.


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