Eli Deeth Blog 10


Week 11

This week i worked on my UI, audio, art and the player controls for my new game Blizzard. The menus i worked on was my title screen and pause screen.

The first thing i worked on was my title screen. The first thing i made for my title screen was my background picture, this images i wanted to draw myself to improve my drawing skills. It took me 4 hours to complete and turned out ok. The next thing i worked on was the buttons i wanted to add a transition between buttons but only had two buttons on the screen so i added a third button using a animation. The i wired them up and added sound and a name for the game.

The next thing i worked towards completing was the map and players For this i made a few characters that would start of frozen then melt after the player would click the fireball button. This characters all where a different colour hat. For the time being i made a simple map.

After these were completed i added a pause screen so that the player could stop the game and return to the menu. This isn’t much different from other menus I’ve made in the past. i even stole the script i used for my other pause menu.

The last thing i did during all of this work was art. I included a lot of art to make my game look nice this project. inspired by other projects i have submitted this year that have never looked good, i wanted this game to be visually pleasing.

The next week i would like to clean up a lot of my code and work on way points.


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