Eli Deeth Blog 11


Week 12

This week i completed a Hud for my game, started on way points and added a Victory screen to my game.

The first thing i worked on was my HUD. My HUD displayed a lot of information including what character they are hovering over, which character they have selected, the three modes the player can be in and a mini map. All of this information was also show up on the game board. The three player icons were shaded three colours to correspond to the hats the units were wearing. Also if the player selected a unit a green circle would appear below that unit. My HUD also showed you the health of each unit and there name. the last thing on my HUD is a big red button if the player presses this the planning stage will end and the execute stage would begin.

I also created a basic way point system. No information was stored although a way point would be placed on the ground and given a different colour depending on which unit was selected will the way point was being placed.

The last thing i worked on was a level over screen which would display the name of the game and give the player three options. Exit, Return to menu and retry or next level depending on if the player won or lost.

Next week i plan on completing everything.


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