Eli Deeth Blog 12


Week 13

This is my last blog for this trimester and sadly i didn’t end up completing everything. I didn’t end up including Guns or enemy AI, Although i did get waypoints working this week.

This week i focused on way points and committing my code and making a read me for my game.

The first thing i did was try and complete the way point system. it took me three attempts and after getting some help in understanding how it works i finally completed the system. By adding my units to an array i was able to control each unit with one script which was a much more efficient way of doing the task.

The next thing i worked on was committing my code which took a while as a lot more things weren’t committed then i had expected. Although after a few hours i got it all committed to a point where i could understand what is going on and hopefully other who read it will understand as well.

The last thing i did this week was write up my read me.

I have had fun making this game and i am a bit upset that i couldn’t complete it as it was turning out to be an ok game.


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