What areas did I improve on by working on Three man job

During the development of three man job i worked a lot of on different areas to help complete the project. At the start the group worked on documentation and idea refinement. At the end we split off and worked on our own section, helping each other when needed. During the later weeks i worked heavily on the app and cards, improving and iterating the designs each time we did a play session. The main areas i feel i improved on was balancing, my communication and writing more effective scripts.

Card Balancing

Card balancing was an important part of our project, it was required to be very optimized. The group started by designing 30 events. After our first play-test our group figured out two issues, we didn’t have enough event cards and the effects weren’t balanced. These issues made our game unplayable, we started balancing and adding new cards.  I was given the task to balance the existing events, where everyone else would design more. Math was used to calculate basic probabilities, I then listed which cards were broken and how broken they were. Each event was balanced to be easier, starting with the lobby and working my way down to the police. Some events i completed changed as i wanted the effect to have some relevance to the flavor text. This would be an example of a 1st generation card: You’re on fire!  No literally! – Everyone discard all of your red cards. Improvements were made so the events had a chances of a good thing happening. You’re on fire!  No literally! – Everyone must draw a card, if red discard all of your red cards. This allowed for more interactivity and gave our game rewards and risk. For the final iteration I made the cards more direct, as players were confused as to who the cards were addressing. You’re on fire! – No literally! Everyone must draw a standard card, if YOUR card is red discard all of YOUR OWN red cards.

Group communication

Usually I can be very antisocial and not get involved as much as i would like. That didn’t happen at all during this project, in fact i feel like my communication skills have improved dramatically. While designing this project many forms of communication was used. Email, Skype messaging, Skype calls and face-to-face meetings(This included going to a colleagues house and visiting SAE on a weekend). All of these events made me get involved in the project more, and add more ideas and suggestions to current problems.

Writing Scripts

During the project i was the lead programmer, another colleague helped during the start. I had to design and redesign a lot of elements to the app. The other members who were given the task to design the layout of the app weren’t clear, so i was constantly changing how the app worked. Although this was inefficient and ended with the app not complicity working(Videos needed to be uploaded). I learnt a lot of new ways to do things in unity because of the inefficiency, video being the biggest.


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