Why did we create the app this way.

During the app design meetings we discussed that we wanted to add more to our app then just the tutorial. The plan for our app was to include a timer, we already knew that this would be the main component as they were needed every play session. After designing our app to have a timer we started to realized our game was made to easily implement dynamic sound and lights that would activate the the timer got to a certain number. Much later VR was added to our app this was added as it was an easy solution to a problem one of my collaborators was having.

The tutorial

The reasoning for us having video, images and text was to give the players the most information about how to play our game.
After our first app play test we came to the realized that our game is very confusing without someone teaching you how to play.
The main problem we encounter was not completing the images and videos on time. The last element was prompts which inform during the games. These were almost unavoidable as they would block both the timer and Virtual reality forcing the player to read it.

The timer

The timer was the main component, it was designed so it would clearly be seen while playing the game. To emphasize that the time was an important part of the app we added a loud clock sound effect, this would even over power any police sounds played.
The app’s timer was created this way to inform players that time was more important than the police.

Light & sounds

The design reasoning behind added lights was just to change the environment of the app when the police arrived. Another good reason for the lights is to clearly inform the deaf that the game has changed. The sounds were added for the same reasons as to why the lights were added. They would inform that the police are getting closer and sirens would play when the police arrived.

Virtual reality

This was added to give the player another way to read the cards. It really suited the hackers theme as he was now in charge of knowing when the police would arrive and scanning hacker event cards.


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