LDD Pivot

When analyzing hug a slug it was concluded that the whole level design of our game would have to be redesigned. At the moment the whole map is getting loaded, not only does this make the game laggier but also makes it harder to expand the map if we want to add more. Another issue is ever since we changed our game name to hug a slug, a sky level didn’t make much sense. Even with the old name our map didn’t make much sense. The first change will be that the game will be based around a forest environments, this will fit the theme more and make it easier for our artist to make reusable assets. For this pivot I have made three rough map ideas that give us a base line to work on.

Image 1 (Spawn)

This is where the player will spawn, it will have a huge tree in the middle where the rainbow generator will be located. Around the spawn will be mushrooms where the collected slugs will be stored. This level will branch out to three other areas although one of those areas (Level 2) which hasn’t been designed yet has a gate blocking the path, to unlock this level 1 must first be completed.

Design Examples:



Image 2 (Hub)

This level will be located at the top of a tree it will have two branches that the player will be able to walk on, one will have a secret collectible and the other will have a secret path leading to level two. Hopefully this will teach the players that there will be secrets to explore in this game, prompting the player to explore more and look for the collectibles. The last thing in the hub will be the rainbow generator this is where you return the colour collected by the king slug one all of the colours have been returned the player wins.

Design Examples:


Image 3 (Level 1)

This will be the first level where the player will understand the importance of hugging and how it interacts with the colour mechanic. The first the player will be experience when entering the level is a pack of sad faded slugs although the player can hug this slug to make them feel a bit better they won’t really react to the player’s presence. After making your way through a maze you will find a gate, a normal slug and a king slug. If you approach the king slime from the left path without going through his gate he will retreat to his house where the player won’t be able to chase him and will only come back out once the player leaves the area. To unlock the gate the player needs to hug the regular slug and use his colour to unlock the gate. This will give you a path to sneak up on the king slime and absorb his colour. Now with all the colour you could dream of the previously passive faded slugs will chase you trying to absorb your colour. You will have to explore the maze again to find a new path the escape.

Design Examples:



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