My career goals

I have been putting of this blog for quite some time and i finally think i have all the words together that i can respond to the question, “where exactly do I see my career going?” Even though i am currently studying games programming i am still not entirely sure if that what ill focus on in the industry. The reasoning for me choosing the course is one of my life goals is to be able to create interesting small games, and i felt that programming was my weakness skill that i had. I have learnt a lot and after this course is complete i feel that i would want to join a small local indie company, such as The Binary Mill, Big Ant studios or Fire Monkeys. I would use the experience that they give me to help me understand if i would want to continue the path of a games programmer.

While working at a small company I probably would test my skills and create a few small games. Once i have gotta to a level that i was happy with i would aim higher, out of all the big AAA companies the one that i have always liked and has most my respect would be blizzard. I love the fact that they have created so many games from a large group of genres, all being quite successful or at least have they own unique twist. Out of all the blizzard games i have only played 4 those being, Overwatch, Hots, hearthstone and Diablo 3. I feel that if i could make it into this company i would learn so much.

So what would i be? Well unless experiences as a indie programmer changes my path i feel that i would apply for the role senior software engineer. After reading the description even though it sounds awfully tense as my current experience is no way near the level of intelligence needed. I feel that the idea of constantly changing roles from game play implementation, low level engine programming and interface development sounds like the perfect environment to learn a lot. This is the end goal and i have a long way to go though i have a lot of things i have to improve on to be able to acquire this role.

The requirements and my current status:

A minimum of 6 years’ experience in coding game play with at least one shipped online multiplayer title

This is one of my most obvious incomplete requirements as I wont know what a real experience feels like until i have started the path of a junior indie programmer. As for the other requirement i have created many single player games but i have yet to create a real multiplayer game, once i have the skills to do this successfully i will apply.

A minimum of 2 years’ experience with Unity (4.x or 5.x)

Even though i have worked with unity for a few years i feel like i still have only scratched the surface and have a lot to learn. If this requires two years then i will set a personally goal to greatly understand unity by 2018.

Proficient in C# and C++

C#: I have been using this language for a while now but again as i am new to programming i feel that i still have a lot to learn.
C++: I am very new to this language and still have a lot to learn. Next trimester i think we will be returning to this language and i feel i will learn a lot.

Enjoy solving challenging problems

It still takes me longer then i would like to problem solve but i feel this is just from lack of experience in the language and programming in general. I do enjoy challenging problems though as if i don’t know the solution it is new knowledge for me to learn.

Leadership potential or previous leadership experience

This needs improvement and even though i love working in groups, taking the role of the leader isn’t something i do often.

Passion for playing and making games (especially Blizzard games!)

I don’t think i have one problem with any of the blizzard games. I have put quite some time into Diable, hearthstone and i know that my life will be lost to Overwatch. As for making games, that is the main reason i got into programming as i’ve always wanted to create my visions but didn’t have the skills, so i have a major passion.

Strong programming skills and a proven ability to work with all departments to carry out the vision of the game
High comfort level working within (and adding to) an established code framework
Excellent verbal and written communications skills

These last three i’m going to group into one answer as i feel that these requirements are the most hazy. My programming is still poor, I haven’t had that many chances to work with established code frameworks yet and my communication still needs a lot of work. As for working with multiple departments at my current institute we are constantly grouped with other people ranging from designers, artist and audio students.

From Going through these requirements i see that i have a lot to improve. My skills will have to be greatly improved if i wish to get to the level where i could also be apart of the amazing company which is blizzard.


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